Friday, August 29, 2014

Season 28 and the Bösendorfer Grand Piano

Great News for Lovers of Piano Concertos…
During Season 28
Bösendorfer Grand Pianos
Will Grace the VoxAmaDeus Concert Stage!

For the 2014-15 performance season, Valentin Radu and VoxAmaDeus have scored a pianistic coup. Thanks to a very special arrangement with the Cunningham Piano Company of Philadelphia, during Season 28 our stage will be graced, exclusively, by the incomparable, world-renowned pianos of the Austrian firm of Bösendorfer. And this means that you will be treated to the one-of-a-kind sonorities of what has been described as the “biggest, baddest piano in existence”—the 9-foot 6-inch long, 97-keyed, $250,000 Imperial Grand.We have two stories to relate about this musical triumph:
Since he was a child piano prodigy in Romania, Valentin Radu has performed on these magnificent instruments. Read his personal story about what makes the Bösendorfer such a world-renowned instrument.

Following that, read how a lad from upstate Pennsylvania—who used to play in rock-'n-roll bands—became an operatic tenor and is now the Philadelphia region's exclusive purveyor of the exquisite Bösendorfer piano…the fascinating personal journey of Timothy Oliver.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Highlights of Concert Season 28 from Maestro Radu

From the Director of Ticket Sales:
Purchasing tickets from VoxAmaDeus is easy and convenient. We have brought back two popular flexible Season Pass opportunities this season (click here to purchase). You can order individual tickets to all of our non-Kimmel Center concerts online from our web site, call our office at 610-688-2800 and speak to a real person(!) or fill out an order form from our Season 28 brochure and mail it with a check or credit card information [your credit card information is secure and is not stored on our server or on that of our card processor]. Tickets to our Kimmel Center concerts must be purchased from Ticket Philadelphia online, via telephone at 215-893-1999 or in person at the Kimmel Center Box Office. Click here for complete details of Season 28. We look forward to seeing you at our concerts! ~ Paul Marchesano

From Maestro Radu:
Similarly to my idol Johann Sebastian Bach (and also my engineer father), I have always been fascinated by numbers and their significance in my life and the world at large. My two favorite numbers have always been 3 and 7. Three represents the Holy Trinity (three Persons in one God), and seven was acquired later in life after I became a nut-case fan of James Bond ("Double O…").

When I was growing up in Communist Romania, religion and God were highly unpopular with, disapproved of, and disallowed by the regime. But in the majority of cases this edict had the opposite effect, making the "subjects" of the Eastern European communist countries even more religious and God-loving than they might otherwise have been. On the other hand, the films from the James Bond series somehow were not deemed to be too threatening to the regime. So, they were allowed to be shown on Romanian movie screens (whereas, with the exception of John Wayne Westerns, movies from the United States were no-nos).